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Cold Brew Anyone?

Posted by Brandon Ford / August 17, 2014


Hello Fellow Steepers,

I waited too long this year to get going on my deck.  Instead of sitting out enjoying the warm weather that has come our way, I am writing to you from my office......boring, I know.  I usually have someone come out, clean and stain every few years.  Our deck is a fickle creature made worse by its location....on top of our garage. 

It's a leaky, creaky SOB that my wife and I have battled with long enough. So, this year we decided to replace it. Imagining my completed deck got me thinking about grilling, patio parties, hammock time in the mornings (with mimosas of course) and pitchers of ice cold tea.

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up chilled tea came one way....lots of ice and super sweet. We'd boil hot water, add some tea bags, steep, sweeten, add ice and refrigerate.  If my grandmother was really feeling adventurous (and patient) she might even sun brew it. This sweet tea was and still is a staple among my family.

Did you know there was another way?

I didn't discover the cold brewing method until I embarked on my tea education journey.  Cold brewing is a method of tea brewing that allows for a gentler flavor extraction from the tea leaves.  While hot brewing tea forces the flavor extraction to happen rapidly, cold brewing allows for a slow and gentle extraction that results in a smooth and sometimes more complex tea experience. It is very similar to making sun tea, but unlike sun tea, the cold water used to brew doesn't encourage bacteria growth. 

A simple guide to help

Here is a simple guide to cold brewing.  Not that you really need one, it is probably the easiest way to brew tea.  Just add tea to cold water and wait. Yes, you've got to be patient when making cold brew tea.  

I usually set mine up at night so that it is ready to go in the morning.

I will say that it is well worth the wait.  Try our Green Tea Sauvignon or Pu-erh Cabernet cold-brewed and you will see what I mean. 

Until next time, Cheers!

Brandon - Chief TeaMaker


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