Oolong Chardonnay
Oolong Chardonnay
Oolong Chardonnay

Oolong Chardonnay

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Full & Luscious 

Inspired by Chardonnay, we blended natural ingredients to create an
 oolong tea blend that is full bodied with luscious tropical hints of
 papaya, citrus, and vanilla balanced with a touch of cinnamon spice. 
 (3.0 oz. / 85.05g – about 30 cups)

About Chardonnay - Chardonnay is a full-bodied, white wine that has medium acidity and is often aged in oak.  It can range from bright and elegant to dense and fruity in style.  Some of Chardonnay’s more common descriptors include pears, butter, toast, melon, butterscotch, and spice.  Chardonnay has a richness and structure that can be world class….when you grab the right bottle.

Tea and Food Pairings - This blend celebrates Chardonnay perfectly. Pair our Oolong Chardonnay with seafood, spicy 
dishes or duck.

Ingredients - Oolong tea, papaya fruit, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rose petals, orange peel, natural flavoring.