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Monday Inspiration: Be Someone's Shot of Whiskey

Posted by Brandon Ford / June 08, 2015


Hello, my name is Brandon and I am a people-pleaser. To some this may be a surprise, but to my wife, who knows me better than anyone else, it’s as obvious as the sky is blue. I try and hide it, but I am not very good at deception.

You see, there is something seductive and even a little addictive about the warm smile of a person who likes you. You feel all warm down inside at that moment you win them over, and you might even give yourself a mental high-five for awesomeness (okay, I'€™m probably the only one who does this!). It feels good to be liked.....€doesn'™t it?

But as Dani Shapiro notes in her essay "€œWhat Do You Do When the Internet Hates You" it isn'€™t fun and it doesn'€™t work. With the help of a supportive, but honest group of loved ones I am breaking my addiction. Proof.........this video

I made it this past week. It'€™s refreshing to just be me, even if everyone doesn'€™t like it. So, I thought the quote for today was great, even though I am definitely more than just a shot of whiskey, I am two fingers of Bourbon.



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At Vintage TeaWorks, we are passionate about two things – tea and wine.  So passionate are we about these divine delights that we set out to find a way to bring the two of them together.  We scoured the market and were disappointed to see what was available – teas that were artificially flavored to mimic wine weren’t what we expected or what we wanted.  We knew we could do better and Vintage TeaWorks was born.  Our teas aren't meant to mimic or recreate wine, but rather to celebrate wine and tea's unique characteristics. Read More