Rooibos Noir
Rooibos Noir
Rooibos Noir

Rooibos Noir

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Fun & Fruity

Inspired by Pinot Noir, we
 blended natural ingredients to create a rooibos herbal tea blend that is 
light, fruity and fun, with hints of mango, blueberry, raspberry and
 hibiscus. (3.0 oz. / 85.05g- about 30 cups)

About Pinot Noir - Pinot Noir is often called the Heartbreak Grape because it breaks many a winemaker’s heart in their quest for its nectar.  A light bodied, red wine that can be high in acid, it often has low tannins and is oaked.  Pinot Noir’s aromas and flavors have been compared to fruits like strawberries, cranberries, and black cherries.  

Tea and Food Pairings - Our caffeine free Rooibos Noir is the perfect pairing with chicken 
or pork dishes. Try it iced with fruit slices as a tea-inspired sangria.

Ingredients - Organic rooibos, organic mango fruit, blueberry fruit, hibiscus petals, cornflower petals, rose petals, natural flavorings.